After a total transformation of my health(from major allergies, glandular fever, eczema, hip & back pain, cancer, regular illnesses, inflammation & being overweight) through the liquid organic wholefood called Body Balance(info below) I started researching how other whole foods could add benefits to what I was eating as I lost all my cravings for sugar & processed foods & my clothes started to get loser while consuming quality wholefoods (like those listed in the Dr Libby recipe books & online here) as well as quality proven wholefood supplements which supplied me with all the trace minerals, enzymes & plant based nutrients daily for optimum health.  A great truism from Dr Libby is this: 'it's what we do everyday that has the biggest impact on our health not what we do sometimes" so we need to get those nutrients(particularly minerals) into our bodies & fully absorbed at the cellular level ON A DAILY BASIS for the biggest impact on our health.  Even more important as our bodies don't generally store most minerals daily that we don't neglect such an important daily health routine.  

Also we now know when the minerals are not in the soils(as they are not in all westernized countries like NZ & Australia) they won't be in the whole foods we eat(no matter how organically grown) so in this modern world we do need to make sure we are supplementing to get all the minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, enzymes & hosts of other nutrients our cells need to amazingly supply us with a foundation of health through supporting our immune system & giving us vitality, energy & zest for life.  No better way to do that daily than with a liquid organic wholefood (Body Balance info below) that has been keeping people optimally healthy for over 30 years.  

Once I personally remineralised myself with this liquid organic wholefood which alkalized my body I started craving good foods(literally I would go out to our garden & eat raw kale, silver beet, bok choy, foods you couldn't force me to eat raw or cooked previously) & so as you will see while browsing some of the whole foods(under wholefoods tab also) that I include in my NOW balanced diet & experiencing the pure joy of living life to something I consider closer to my full potential. 

Along with the essential daily supplement of Body Balance which is safe to take daily with no side effects as after all it is an organic wholefood there are other nutrient dense products that I take on a regular basis also for various specific nutrients that we all may need at different times when we are pressed for time, have specific health challenges to address quickly & these are listed below & will be added to as I have time to share with you what I do for my optimum health on a daily basis.  

Please don't hesitate to contact myself ( or 027 644 0745) if you would like to get some of these products on a regular autoship to get the wholesale discount price delivered direct to your door.  


To your continued health journey & untapped potential :)

Kelly More


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