Silica Savvy Solutions (Soft Cover Book)

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This is the DE Bible showing you how organic food grade DE can have 100's of uses around your home, garden & farm! 

All The Amazing Things You Can Do With Environmentally Friendly & Natural Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Powder From Prehistoric, Fresh Water, Fossilized Phytoplankton

  • Learn what DE is, where it originates from, what to use it for, & how to use it.
  • Know the difference between safer food-grade DE & toxic industrial grade.
  • Over 200 consumer comments & benefts of DE as a nutritional supplement.
  • Use DE as a beauty face scrub & mask - reduce open pores, oily skin & acne.
  • Use DE as a safer insecticide alternative to toxic synthetic chemicals.
  • Use DE for animals, birds, homes, gardens, kennels, farms, barns, & crops.
  • Use DE to control ants, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, lice, mites, weevils.
  • Use DE to preserve & store grains, nuts, seeds, rice, & legumes.
  • Use DE to deodorize shoes, kitty litter, garbage bags, vacuum bags, manure.
  • Use DE as a soft scrub to clean in the kitchen and bathroom, & polish silver.
  • Use DE as an anti-parasitic for animals, birds & adult people.
Out of Stock
Out of Stock