Seabrew Animal Health Tonic 250g

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100% Natural :: Liquid & powder concentrate     

Agrissentials offers Seabrew in liquid and powder form. The liquid should be kept in a cooled area and expires in 3 months from receipt. The powder should be stored away from direct sunlight and is best used within 6 months from receipt. Powder can be mixed into liquid by adding 50 grams of powder per litre.


  • Administer through water troughs, inline dispensers, add to feed or oral drench or powder as per package directions
  • BioGro certified


  • Reproductive period: 10mls per day per cow
  • Health maintinance: 5 - 10mls per day per cow


  • Health maintenance: 5 - 8mls per day per calf through to weaning
  • Unwell: 30 - 50mls per day per calf


  • Nutritional boost: 25mls per day for 5 days
  • Health maintenance: 10mls per day in feed or water


  • Ewes (pre-tup/pre-lamb) drench 15mls
  • Rams (pre-tup) drench 30mls
  • Stress periods/shearing as above


  • Docking/tailing: 4 - 5mls
  • Shearing 10 - 12mls
  • Fattening: 10 - 12mls every 4 - 6 weeks


  • Health maintenance: 4 - 8mls per day per goat
  • Unwell: 30 - 50mls per day per goat


  • Nutritional boost: 5 - 10mls per day depending on weight
  • Unwell: 10 - 25mls per day depending on weigh



Liz Montgomery - Calf Rearing, Nightcaps

In 2015 I used Seabrew for the first time with the rearing and fattening of 180 bobby calves. They received the recommended dose each day and any ill or unwell calves received extra doses 50/50 with yoghurt. My mortality rate was the lowest its ever been and I weaned 2 weeks earlier than other years and got $470 per Hereford cross calf, best ever price! I will use Seabrew again in the 2016 season and recommend this product to anyone as a natural boost to young stock.


Sue Doig - Dog Owner, Bay of Plenty

About 18 months ago I began to give my beloved Labrodor Alex a daily dose of Seabrew and he loves it! February this year Alex turned 13, he is more agile and alert and getting about so much better than previously, thanks to his daily "fix" of Seabrew. 


Rachael Butler - Horse Owner, Southland

I have been feeding Seabrew to my horses in liquid form in with their feed and have found that with one horse in particular I have been feeding it to who is normally a heated horse to be a lot more relaxed with riding work and to work with on the ground. The horses don't seem to have any objections to their feed and eat it all every time.

I am very happy with the results of Seabrew so far as I have only just started to use it in the last two weeks with noticeable changes in attitude of the animal.


Kimberleigh McCabe - Horsewoman Extraordinaire, Invercargill

02.03.17 Just under a month ago I put three of our horses on Seabrew. An amazing product from my sponsors Agrissentials NZ Ltd. Panda (the first photo) has had a lot of build up of top line, has been a lot easier to keep weight on and look at that shine! Kace (second photo) has also had such a difference in his coat and weight management. Trader (third photo) came back from Christchurch with a selenium deficiency and stomach ulcers is know an awful lot happier in general and putting on heaps more weight.

Seabrew is a very affordable and I couldn't have more praises for the stuff!!.

Daniel Petherick - Dairy Goat Farmer, Waikato

I have a herd of 600 pedigree Saanen goats and was approached by Agrissentials to trial Seabrew using my in-line dispenser to administer the liquid concentrate through the drinking water.

I was extremely pleased with the results, both in animal health and with the convenience and hygiene of delivering the vital amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals required for animal development, well being and performance.

What was particularly noticeable was the improved overall condition of the stock, which I'm sure will bring long term benefits to production.

I would definately recommend Seabrew to anyone wishing to maintain a healthy, happy herd.


Matt Pitts - Professional Polo Player, Horse Manager, Breeder and Owner, Waikato

In the space of a month there has been a dramatic improvement in the overall condition of these horses, they have gained weight, their coats are sleek and glossy and they are calmer in their stalls and at work.

One or two of these horses would already be showing signs of staggers through the flush of early spring grass, but so far they are showing no signs. Based on my experiences I would recommend Seabrew to those in all Equine disciplines.

Brian - Dairy Farmer - Waikato

My dairy herd got hit with Salmonella in Spring 2016. The vet took the bloods and confirmed it was Salmonella after losing a couple of cows. Unfortunately, the vet said that there is nothing we could do, since the cows weren’t vaccinated for Salmonella. Their recommendation was just to wait and see what happens. We didn’t know too much about Seabrew, only that it’s a live product and thought we would give it a go. After all, we had nothing to lose.

We used Seabrew as the label recommended, administered 10 mls per cow per day through water. After about 10 days the Salmonella was gone. I had hoped this product would work, but I did not expect it to work so fast! We kept giving the cows Seabrew all the way until Christmas and we didn’t have Salmonella problem for the rest of the season. I have recommended this product to some other farmers as well, some are just giving it to their cows to boost their health.

I really rate this product and highly recommend it!


Clyde Bolt - Dairy Farmer, Waikato

Good nutrition is key to achieving  a good healthy herd which in turn will help obtain optimum fertility and reproductive performance. I was therefore delighted to have the opportunity to trial Agrissentials Seabrew Animal Health Tonic and have had my herd receiving a 10ml dose per day through the water system for the past 5 months. Having experienced lower than usual fertility rates last year  I was particularly keen to see if the  addition of  the Seabrew  nutritional supplement  to the herds  daily intake would improve  the  fertility and I’m delighted to say that we have hugely improved submission and conception rates this year. Given the overall improved health and wellbeing  of the herd I would also expect to see lower abortion, stillborn and retained foetal membrane rates due to the health and nutritional benefits of Agrissentials Seabrew.’


Ashley Robb - Horse Trainer & Equestrian Centre Owner - Queenstown

My team has been on Seabrew for 6 weeks now and have never looked so good, I am seriously impressed!

Seabrew stands out from other mineral supplements out there because it is fully organic and therefore far more absorbable than the synthetic minerals, and it contains everything they need!

I was sick of having to feed each horse supplements from 5 different bags in order to get everything they need, not to mention it was costing me a fortune! 
But now that they are on Seabrew, it's 10ml each, and thats everything they need! (And yes that's the magnesium and selenium too!)





NZ$55.00 NZ$49.80
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NZ$55.00 NZ$49.80
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