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Amore Food Cafe is now open - We have the 1st 100% Gluten-Free Organic Plant-based Kitchen in South Canterbury & we cater to Paleo, Keto, Vegan & Vegetarian lifestyles using mostly certified organic & sprayfree wholefoods & fresh produce :) 


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Organic & Free Range Chicken

Kelly from MORE2U brings you Certified Organic genuine FREE Range Chicken & Chicken products.  



I'll let one of NZ's Organic Poultry producers Pete from Westwoods Organic explain: 

'The beauty of growing chickens organically, is the obvious animal welfare benefits.  We would not go anywhere near chicken production, if we were not growing them completely free range, without antibiotics.  Sunshine and fresh air is this best disease controller you can get, it’s free and the chickens just love it.

Not only are we doing something good for the environment, great for the chickens, but we are producing a wonderful tasting healthy food product for you, the consumer'. 

In NZ Free Range means that chickens can still be given antibiotics, their food is still grown with chemical fertilisers & sprayed with pesticides several times & is not guaranteed GMO free feed.  During processing in the factory chemicals are allowed & used to douse Free Range birds.  Free Range also means that 25000 birds can be still crammed in a barn whereas Organic means a maximum of 1500 birds in the same area when they are not roaming paddocks during the day.  


Organic is the term given to food production or health products, grown or made, in a way that works within natural cycles or uses natural substances in its production.  

What does this actually mean? 

For food production, it means going back to the basics of food requirements.  What is the natural way these plants or animals grow. - With the sunshine, shelter, good quality food, good quality water – just like us. 

With organic production, we use the natural cycles within nature to fertilise plants, control pest and disease.  To do this we eliminate the use of chemical substitutes like pesticides and artificial fertilisers.  We then encourage the property to develop its own natural ecosystem,- bring into balance the pests and beneficial insects, birds, trees, soil species- small and smaller. Apply fertilisers from natural sources that replenish the soil fertility on a long term level and encourage the natural biology within the soil. We use the best from modern science and ancient history to proactively sustain our environment for future generations and at the same time, produce healthy food for ourselves and for you.  

You can see why supporting Organic Farmers in NZ is so important if we want to continue having access to great organic products like Bostocks Organic & Free Range Chicken.


Full range of Bostocks chicken products in store(even if says out of stock below) at the Amore Food Wholefoods Market at 1 Sarah Street Timaru.  Former Better Bods shop behind Spec Savers & beside Kevin Hessell School of Swimming.

A fridge full of fresh Organic Chicken
Bostock Chickens Organic Story