Super Food Pancake Recipe & Combo Pack

Moreish Spelt Pancakes with Lucuma Cream - Printable Version

So start a lazy weekend with my super food charged pancake recipe.  I use Organic Spelt Flour & Organic Coconut sugar in the pancake mix using the natural brain food of Coconut Oil to cook them.  Then dollop spoonfuls of my velvety caramel Lucuma Cream (natural dried Lucuma Berry is sweet & caramel - energy boosting) & sprinkle of raw Cacao & Goji berries(500 x more Vitamin C than oranges).  I love using my home made Mascarpone & Ricotta with these pancakes but for those that want diary free just use coconut cream or make a nut cream for just as good a result.  Relax & enjoy a stress free breaky or better still buy the ingredients, get the recipe & hand to hubby or the kids to make for you!  They won't even realise it's sooo good for them too.  All information including all Superfood Ingredients & all the health benefits can be found at Kelly’s website – Visit


Ingredients – 4 serves

Pancake Mix

1 C Raw Milk(or coconut milk/water for diary free)

1 Free Range Egg

2 Tbsp Life Foods Organic Coconut Sugar

pinch Himilayan or sea salt

1 tsp Cinnamon

1 ½ C Organic Spelt Flour(use Gluten free if you prefer)

5 tsp Life Foods Organic Coconut Oil(approx)


Lucuma Cream

1 C Home made Mascarpone(or Coconut Cream for dairy free option)

2 Tbsp Life Foods Organic Lucuma Powder



Fresh fruit(sliced pear, apple, blueberries etc.)

Life Foods Organic Cacao Nibs

Life Foods Organic Goji Berries

Raw Honey/Raw Nuts of your choice



  1. In a glass jug whisk milk, egg, coconut sugar, salt, cinnamon & slowly add flour until well combined & mix is a pourable consistency but not too thin(depending on flour used may need to adjust amount).
  2. Heat up a small (approx. 18 cm) fry pan & add ½ tsp coconut oil per pancake.  Pour about ½ cup pancake mix at a time & swirl pan so mixture evenly covers the fry pan.  Flip when raw side is no longer wet & cook other side until lightly browned. Keep stack warm while frying rest of pancakes.

3.          Stir the Lucuma powder into your home made Mascarpone or Coconut Cream.  Set aside.

4.          Slice fresh fruit like pear, warm raw honey slightly in.

5.          Construct – layer 1 pancake, dollop Lucuma cream, add fresh fruit, sprinkle Cacao nibs & Goji berries & drizzle with raw honey.  Raw Nuts optional. Makes approx. 8-10 pancakes.


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