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Amore Food Cafe is now open - We have the 1st 100% Gluten-Free Organic Plant-based Kitchen in South Canterbury & we cater to Paleo, Keto, Vegan & Vegetarian lifestyles using mostly certified organic & sprayfree wholefoods & fresh produce :) 


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TEECCINO - Finest Organic Coffee Alternative in NZ

So after quite a bit of research & testing on several MORE2U customers Kelly from MORE2U has decided to offer the TEECCINO range of organic herbal coffee blends which have been the worlds leading coffee alternative for over 5 years & endorsed by several top leading healthcare practitioners & educators.  

Teeccino Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee is a delicious blend of herbs, grains, fruits and nuts that are roasted and ground to brew and taste just like coffee. Coffee lovers are attracted to Teeccino’s full-bodied, dark roasted flavour and its nutritious health benefits. Those who can no longer drink coffee may experience caffeine withdrawal, and weaning yourself off coffee with Teeccino is a great way to avoid these effects, by quitting caffeine painlessly.

Teeccino allows coffee drinkers to keep their cherished coffee ritual with all the enjoyment and satisfaction of a freshly brewed cup! Unlike instant coffee substitutes, Teeccino brews just like coffee in all types of coffee brewers. Teeccino prefer the term "herbal coffee" or "coffee alternative" to "coffee substitute" since no one calls herbal tea a "tea substitute", now do they?  Teeccino tastes so much like coffee that people think there must be coffee in it!  

With several blends to choose from, even the most discerning caffiene junkie can painlessly transition to these liver loving, nourishing & alkalising brews in as little as 2 weeks.   There is no milk in soy milk, no tea in herbal tea, and no coffee in herbal coffee!


The Teeccino Mediterranean range incorporates the richness of roasted almond layers providing a delicious nuttiness over a robust, full-bodied brew lightly accented with the sweetness of dates and figs.  Perfect for those who normally put sugar in their coffee; many find it unnecessary to sweeten the Mediterranean flavours. Check out the ingredients under each individual Teeccino blend below.

Organic roasted dandelion roots replace Barley in Teeccino’s new Dandelion Herbal Coffees for the same delicious flavour and health benefits in every cup of Teeccino. Created especially for the gluten sensitive person who needs to be absolutely confidant they can drink Teeccino without any gluten reaction.

Dark roasted body with a clean, pure flavour that is preferred by those who enjoy the bitter profile of unsweetened coffee.  Ramon nuts are wild harvested for Teeccino in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, creating new trade for rural communities in Guatemala. 1% of sales of the Maya flavours is donated to support educational and nutritional programs for women and children in Central America.