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About Us

Kelly in the MORE2U Shop at Home

Welcome to the More2U Shop.

For many of my customers over the last 3 years that have been on my cheese making workshops around the South Island (over 650 of you) or for people still wanting to make their own cheeses particularly from raw milk I still have the range of ingredients & Mad Millie Kits for sale here but as my health journey has progressed I have grown the site to include all the health giving whole real food products that have helped me in my journey & also what we eat everyday now so hence why the More2U shop is more about wholefoods & health solutions from a seaweed liquid tonic that literally changed our lives & that we drink everyday to blenders to whole body vibration machines everything that I do on a daily basis I have tried to incorporate in this little shop at prices that are very competative nationwide as I still work out of my own basement & pack every single one of your orders myself.

I've also enjoyed working with Dr Libby & her team at the Food Show last year & with her recent NZ tour still running until September 11th & so I sell her recipe books as I stock most of the ingredients you will need to make the delicious whole food nourishing creations for yourself, family & friends.  So easy & so good for you.  

Browse all the tabs for a great selection of quality whole foods at great prices including yummy recipe combo packs saving you even more. More recipes to come as I get them all typed up.   Feel free to contact me anytime for combined freight deals & if you you have any questions about cheese making, eating for health & wellness or just a friendly chat.  Love to hear from you.  Contact me anytime at or 0800 667 328 or text 027 644 0745 or FB on the link.  

Your friend in health & wholefoods