About Kelly

After a total transformation of my health through the liquid organic wholefood I started researching how other whole foods could add benefits to what I was eating as I lost all my cravings for sugar & processed foods & started losing weight naturally(more importantly started feeling more energised, no sugar or hormone imbalances) while consuming healthy whole foods, plenty of organic vegetables(good amount raw & some cooked) & fruits along with plant-based fats like coconut oil & raw cacao butter, nibs etc as well as supporting gut health through fermented foods & beverages. 

Basically, once I remineralised myself, alkalizing my body, I started craving good foods (literally I would go out to our garden & eat raw kale, silverbeet, bok choy, foods you couldn't force me to eat raw or cooked previously) & so as you will see while browsing some of the whole foods that I include in my NOW balanced diet & experiencing the pure joy of living life to something I consider closer to my full potential. 

After many requests to stock these whole foods that I eat every day from people all over NZ coming on my cheese making workshops & saying to me "I'll have what you're on please"  from seeing, hearing & tasting the results for themselves that have helped myself, family & friends to good health along with the liquid wholefood I now stock several (fast forward 2018 now over 1400 products) organic whole foods available for you to nourish yourself as well and great prices on other raw whole foods like nuts, seeds, dried fruits & grains, lentils, beans, nut butters, condiments, herbal teas, coffees & more. 

Email me directly if you have any questions about any of the products we currently stock at  Also, take advantage of the FREE freight on all combined orders over $250, get your friends & extended family together to save even MORE!

Kelly is generally available to help with health questions and concerns between 3 & 6pm weekdays.

Amore Food Market & Cafe

The Amore Food Wholefoods Market shop supplies over 1200 wholefoods including fresh organic produce around NZ. Kelly likes to keep people informed as to the health benefits of eating REAL whole foods as well as sharing information she has researched over the past 8+ years or helping achieve optimum health including the need for the best wholefood supplements. NOW OPEN the Amore Food Cafe also.