Raw Aztec Spiced Chocolate Truffles - based on recipe by Megan May of Little Bird Cafe in Auckland

These truffles are the ultimate choclatey way of giving the gift of health over the holidays.  With hints of spice & chilli(add more if you want to turn up the heat) nicely balanced & the super food powers of Maca for energy (not recommended for those with thyroid conditions so leave out if not sure).  Your loved ones will be bouncing off the walls(in a good natural way) over the holidays with out the processed sugar laden sweets that often accompany this time of year.  They are also gluten & dairy free so all your visitors over the holidays can indulge without a care in the world. Whip up a batch today & get the ingredients here at the MORE2U shop.  Contact Kelly if you have any queries -


1 C Life Foods Raw Organic Cacao Powder

1 C Raw Cashews(soaked for 2-4 hours then rinsed/drained)

1/2 C Iranian or Medjool Dates(preservative free)

1/4 C Life Foods Raw Organic Coconut Sugar or Huttons Raw Organic Liquid Honey

1/2 C Blue Coconut Oil(use their Wild Virgin Cold Pressed to stay raw & gently melt)

3 Tbsp Life Foods Raw Organic Cacao Butter(gently melt)

2 Tbsp Life Foods Raw Maca Powder(optional)

1 Tbsp Life Foods Mesquite Powder(optional)

1 tsp Heilala Pure Vanilla Extract or 1/2 tsp Heilala Vanilla Powder

1 1/2 tsp Organic Cinnamon

1/4 tsp Organic Chilli powder

1/4 tsp Organic Nutmeg

pinch Organic Cayenne Powder

1/3 C Life Foods Cacao Nibs (for rolling)

1/3 C Raw Buckwheat Groats(for rolling)

1/3 C Raw Pistachios & Life Foods Organic Goji Berries or Organic Cranberries finely chopped(for rolling)


1.  In your Optimum 9400 blender add Cacao Powder, Cashews, Dates & Coconut Sugar(or raw honey) & blend until a mostly smooth paste.  If need be add a small amount of water but you will need to add more coconut oil or cacao butter to compensate in next step.

2.  Pour the gently melted Coconut Oil & Cacao Butter into the mixture & blend until smooth & then add the rest of the ingredients using a spatula or knife to scrape down the side of your blender or food processor to make sure everything is well blended.

3.  Pop mixture into the fridge for at least 40 minutes(20 minutes in the freezer) to firm up then gently roll into even sized balls & roll 1/3 mixture in the cacao nibs/buckwheat groats & pistachio/goji berry(or finely diced cranberries) mixed or dust in extra Cacao Powder.

4.  Put back in the fridge to set for 2 hours before serving. 


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