Raw Chocolate Slather Icing

This is an easy all round decadent raw chocolate icing full of great healthy fats to slather its creamy goodness all over any of your whole food or raw creations. You can omit the a avocado if you really want to or can't get hold of one but you will need to replace the fat content with something else like 1/2 C more Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil or similar.  Whip it all up in your powerful Optimum 9400 Blender in no time.  

Try this icing on everyones old favourite Super food Brownie to make it a triple choc hit or my new recipe Carrot, Fig & Hazelnut Monkey Loaf or the Chocolate Mousse Layered Velvet Cake(recipe to come).  Alternatively just gently warm up again(to keep raw) & dollop over your home made frozen creations like I do with my Banana & Hempseed Ice cream(recipe to come). You could also chill & roll into truffle balls & coat in whatever nut, seed, cacao nib combo you like.  Ideas are endless really.  

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125g Life Foods Organic Cacao butter(gently melted)

1/2 C Blue Coconut Wild Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil(gently melted)

1 C raw cashews

6 fresh pitted Medjool dates

 Flesh of 1 small ripe avocado

 ¾  C Life Foods Organic Cacao powder  

1 tsp Heilala vanilla powder

1 tsp fresh lemon or lime juice

1 tsp Ceres Organic Tamari



1.   Gently melt the raw cacao butter & cold pressed coconut oil using double boiler method or very low heat to stay raw & set aside.  In your Optimum 9400 blender add the rest of icing ingredients & blend until nuts are well ground up.  Use tamper if needed to push ingredients down into the blade for better results.  

2.   While motor running pour melted cacao butter & cold pressed coconut oil through the lid opening of your blender & blend until mixture completely smooth.  If you find you need a bit more liquid to get a smoother icing add luke warm filtered water 1 TBSP at a time while blending until desired consistency is achieved.  

Note:  Icing will firm up on chilling so spread straight away on cake if using or chill if you need it firmer for later uses.