Super Clean Energy Smoothie

No matter what you do with your daily choices in life getting plenty of nutrient dense foods into your busy schedule is one of the rituals that will always serve your health.  Get yourself a decent powerful blender (like the Optimum 9400 I use & sell here) & whip up all sorts of power blends like the Super Clean Energy Smoothie recipe below.  

This Super Clean Energy Smoothie will really get your engine running with great benefits for your gut & digestion too.  It doubles as a chilled dessert or snack for later as the chia & psyllium absorb water & swell creating a mousse like texture too so you can make a big batch, have an instant energy supply right away & pop some in glasses in the fridge for later to save it for a mid afternoon pick me up, after school healthy dessert or pre/post workout "jelly".  

You of course can mix & match up the ingredients to your own taste buds but be sure to include as many superfoods & nutrients as possible so it's a complete energy & mineral rich serving.  Of course you could also change the liquid component from coconut water to coconut milk or other nut milks to suit your dietary requirements.  

Your body will thank you for including a super food smoothie into your daily routine & soon you'll have super powers beyond your imagination to accomplish whatever you want in life.  Go forth & reach your full potential as the amazing, precious & loved human being you are :)


Kelly's Super Clean Energy Smoothie


330 ml organic coconut water or liquid of choice (nut mylks, filtered water etc.)

1 C fresh or frozen fruit (combo of berries, organic fairtrade banana, pineapple or your choice)

2 TBSP Life Foods Super Food Smoothie Mix or NEW Life Foods Primal Awakening Powder

2 TBSP hemp seed protein powder (or protein powder of choice) or Life Foods Spirulina powder or NEW Life Foods Clean Greens Powder

2 TBSP Life Foods Organic chia seeds

2 TBSP Life Food Organic Goji Berries (optional)

1 TBSP organic psyllium seed husks

1 TBSP Waihi Bush LSA powder blend(optional)

2 TBSP Blue Coconut organic cold pressed coconut oil

1 TBSP Waihi Bush Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil(blends) or cold pressed hemp oil

3 cups of fresh stemmed organic kale, spinach or greens of your choice washed or just substitue with the Clean Greens Powder (contains 7 top organic greens in concentrated powder form)


Using your Optimum 9400 blender or similar powered blender throw all the ingredients in order with liquid first & blend until smooth & creamy & no lumps or leaves.  Usually takes me less than a minute in this blender.  Add more coconut water if you prefer a thinner consistency. 

Pour into glasses & share this super clean energy smoothie with someone you love right away. If you like sprinkles on top I use some extra Goji Berries & Cacao Nibs for crunch.  

Alternatively as mentioned above if you find you can only get through a small glass as this is very filling then pour the remainder of smoothie into a few small glasses(martini or cocktail look great) or jars & pop into the fridge for an energy mousse treat later on as this smoothie will set if left for a couple of hours.  Will also keep in fridge for a couple of days so great to make up in advance for quick snacks or even freeze in a popsicle form for a frozen super treat.  

Most ingredients & of course the Optimum 9400 blender can be bought online here at MORE2U store, simply click on the links to take you to ingredient you need or to check out more information.