BOOKS - Recipe, Nutrition & MORE

Dr Libby, has responded to the multitude of requests on how to incorporate her health philosophy into everyday eating and is proud to present The Real Food Chef, Real Food Kitchen & brand NEW Sweet Food Story recipes books as well as The Calorie Fallacy book helping you comprehend why it's not calories you should be counting but nutrients.

We live in an age where so much of our food has been processed, preserved, sprayed or chemically enhanced or to increase it’s shelf live and make food more appealing to the human eye.

While there are many conflicting health messages out there, health professionals are unanimous in their recommendations that a high plant diet is the most beneficial for optimal health and disease prevention.

The Real Food & Sweet Food Story recipe books are a whole food cooking system born from the desire to inspire us all to eat what Dr Libby calls ‘low human intervention foods’, real food, the way it comes in nature. These books show you how to transform whole foods into delicious, nutritious and innovative meals that are easy, adaptable and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Most of the whole food ingredients are on the MORE2U website at great prices & Kelly More has personally worked along with the Dr Libby team at The CHCH Food Show & continues to be educated at Dr Libby's Seminars & Workshops to endeavour to spread the whole real food philosophy as she lives it herself as well as helps others to achieve a nutrient dense balanced diet using wholefoods & raw organic supplementation.  

Enjoy these books for yourself & pass them on to others to give the gift of health opening up a whole new way of living.  

Kelly :)