FRESH PRODUCE - Organic / Sprayfree

Certified Organic or Organically grown & spray-free fresh fruit & vegetables - order online along with other wholefoods on our website & pick up from Amore Food Market Shop located at 1a Sarah Street, Timaru or some produce (as mentioned below) can be couriered.

Fresh organic produce arrives in the Amore Food Market Shop several times a week and is continually updated on our website. Prices will fluctuate weekly depending on various factors that can affect produce growers. 

Thanks for the your valued support so we can all support organic NZ farmers & keep organic produce coming regularly to the MORE2U online shop & Amore Food Market Shop :) 

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IMPORTANT! If ordering for outside of Timaru, please add a minimum of 1 Frozen Chiller Pack to your order HERE

We recommend adding Frozen Chiller Packs to ALL fresh produce orders, including root vegetables e.g. Turmeric Root. We recommend also selecting adding this option for Medjool Dates as well.

Fresh produce sent NZ wide is at your own risk as we do not have a chilled transport option, however we now have chiller packs available to help reduce the risk. If you are ordering a lot of fresh produce we recommend adding 2 or more packs. You can add things like Avocados, Apples, Carrots, Potatoes, Kumara & other hard well travelling produce to your orders from all over NZ as these will travel better than other produce well but common sense would prevail that if you are in the North Island (2 days delivery non rural) then an organic lettuce or bunch of kale is not going to be the best even with a chiller pack so perhaps those type of things are better not added to your wholefood order but are good for local (South Canterbury) pick ups from our shop Amore Food Market & Cafe, 1a Sarah Street, Timaru or short haul deliveries overnight.  Please do not select NZ Post Bags as the shipping option for any fresh produce you may order.

If you have any questions about delivery options please contact Kelly 0276440745

Amore Food Market & Cafe

The Amore Food Wholefoods Market shop supplies over 1200 wholefoods including fresh organic produce around NZ. Kelly likes to keep people informed as to the health benefits of eating REAL whole foods as well as sharing information she has researched over the past 8+ years or helping achieve optimum health including the need for the best wholefood supplements. NOW OPEN the Amore Food Cafe also.