Fermented Foods - Kefir, Kombucha, Sauerkraut

MORE2U welcomes a range of Kombucha liquid probiotic drinks full of healthy probiotic goodness, enzymes, B Vitamins, Acetic & Glucuronic Acid.  A wonderful non-alcoholic beverage thought to originate in Manchuria, China over 2000 years ago & migrated across Asia into Russia. The claims to health benefits have preserved the elixir through the generations and carried it around the world.

Want to make your own Kombucha?  Click on the link here for the Remedy Organic Kombucha (no SCOBY required) recipe ;) 

MORE2U brings you Raw, organic, unpasteurized cultured vegetables - Probiotic Foods for Health

Cultured foods have been an integral part of traditional diets for thousands of years and are essential to a long and vibrant life. Sauerkraut, Kimchi & Sauerkraut Juice are all examples of probiotic cultured foods.

Be Nourished provides amazing varieties of Sauerkraut and other lacto fermented cultured vegetables as well as the raw organic juices from these products. These superfoods are teaming with live organisms and essential enzymes that aid digestion and repopulate the digestive tract with beneficial bacteria.

Loaded with vitamins, minerals & phytochemicals they make the perfect complement to any meal.  All Be Nourished products are packaged in glass.

Eat well, live well!