Sea Vegetables (Raw Kelp, Nori & Liquid)

For centuries people from Asian cultures particularly the Japanese culture have known about the nutritional abundance found in sea vegetables.  The Japanese have the record when it comes to living long (have the most people living over 100 years old & healthy than any other culture) healthy lives & this is very much attributed to the amount of nutrient dense sea vegetation that they consume daily.  

Have you had your daily amount of sea vegetables today?  From having a daily amount of liquid sea vegetables(Body Balance) our family has benefited abudantly with ongoing improved health & so it is great to be able to offer you MORE wonderful healthy choices for abundant & vibrant health every day.  Also daily meals can be made more nutrient dense by adding sea vegetables in various forms be it kelp noodles, dried or toasted nori & hopefully more sea vegetables to come as I source these for your families health & wellbeing too!