Healy World

Brand New in NZ Healy Wearable devices promotes health, vitality & overall wellbeing with your very own personalized frequency programs specific to your own cellular frequency needs. 

Healy offers wearable devices that focus on 3 pillars: frequencies for life, motion for life & nutrition for life where you can get real-time personalised information and specific data that enable the Healy devices (Frequency Device, Digital Nutrition App & Healy Watch) to find the right frequencies to improve the wellbeing of your own body & mind & reduce stress all at the same time.  Along with the DNA (Digital Nutrition App) Nutrition for Life, a personalised program for your own cellular nutrition will support you bio energetically in better absorbing specific nutrients that your body needs at any given time. 

Healy for Life: Healy is the central element of the Healy product world. 15 groups with over 120 programs for well-being and balance!

Nutrition for Life: The Digital Nutrition App* (DNA for short) finds the nutrients that your body needs from your daily food - special Healy frequencies help to absorb them.

Motion for Life: The Healy Watch together with the Healy Watch Connector Module*, can measure all relevant data of your body and find the right frequency programs for your Healy.


For more information & to save $$$$’s on worldwide promo until Sept 6th 2020 check out our Healy web page:  https://www.healyworld.net/in/choose-your-language/partner/amore/


****To find out more info & take advantage of these amazing products at these amazing limited-time promo prices contact Aaron More on 0272289607 or email aaron@more2u.co.nz****

or contact Aaron More on 0272289607, email - aaron@more2u.co.nz 

Aaron has been studying & using bioenergetic & frequency technology (Quantum Physics) for the last 6+ years in helping improve the health & wellbeing of 100's of clients (adults, children, animals) in that time & is happy to answer any questions you may have or to book a consult & bioenergetic scan to get you started on your healing journey using all your own bodies innately designed wisdom to tell you where you need rebalancing naturally.