Herbs & Spices

Kelly brings you a range of both culinary & medicinal dried herbs, herbal powders, spices & blends sourced from a certified organic supplier.  Meaning the majority of these culinary & medicinal products are certified organic unless stated otherwise which means you can be sure that they are uncontaminated by chemicals and have been grown in a way which reduces our impact on the health of the soil and the planet.  

These products contain no fillers(therefore are naturally gluten free), no additives, preservatives, artificial flavourings or colourings. They are dairy free and most are gluten free unless otherwise stated.  You will find them fresh & pungent smelling & tasting amazing compared to bland irradiated & often old store bought & non-organic herbs & spices & hence I find you need to use a lot less than you normally would to get the intense real flavours & health benefits that organic herbs & spices offer.  

Claridges Botanicals organic herbs & spices add zest, depth of flavour & therapeutic properties to your daily healthy living.  Small sizes mean you can rotate & keep your herb & spices as fresh as possible which means more potent flavour & therapeutic qualities.  Weights are approximate as each product varies on density.  If you require larger bulk amounts of anything (like 250g or 1 Kg) please enquire(email kelly@more2u.co.nz or ph 027 6440745) as I can source larger amounts within 5-7 working days usually.