Oral Hygiene

So many of you are starting to research & realise the the standard toothpastes & oral hygiene products that your family may have been using may not be the best for your health & as we start to look into our overall health its important to tackle all aspects not only in the food we eat, the products we put in our bodies but also the products that we put on our bodies which ingredients are absorbed through our skin whether it be personal care products (like deodorants or menstrual products scroll down for more info below on those) or anything else we are using in our homes or on our bodies its important to know what these products contain chemical wise & what ingredients we definitely want to avoid.    

The main nasties to avoid in toothpastes & other oral hygiene products are Triclosan, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Flouride, Microbeads & any of the fake colourings (that give you that cool blue gel strip going through your toothpaste) like FD & C Blue 1.  Our family personally enjoy the ancient tradition of oil pulling using organic cold pressed coconut oil or making our own toothpaste using the same coconut oil (recipe here) but many don't have time for this so I've decided to stock great organic natural alternatives without the nasties for the whole family to be rest assured of clean teeth & fresh breath without the worry of adding to the toxic load that we all are trying to avoid in our quest for health & wellbeing.