Easy Blender Soup

Eating seasonal organic & sprayfree produce grown in mineral dense soils is really important to the ongoing health & wellness of yourself, your family & friends.  

Potluck soups mean you can make any combo of health giving liquid nourishment depending what is in season in your own biodynamic garden or through your organic wholefood shop like MORE2U.

Here are a few vegetable combos I enjoy which would make up your 5 cups in this recipe Organic Kumara, Leek & Kale; Pumpkin, Lime & Avocado; Carrot, Parsnip & Fennel; Beetroot, Carrot & Red Onion.  Limited only by your imagination & taste buds. 

Using a powerful blender like the Optimum 9400(click on the link for the latest specials through Kelly's Froothie Affiliate links) means you can just throw all the ingredients in at once and also have the option to keep the soup raw & just gently warmed in the blender (under 47 degrees) or keep blending until it is piping hot & ready to serve in 10 minutes.  Adjust seasoning to your tastes.  Drizzle over some tasty cold pressed hemp seed, avocado or olive oil.


Ingredients (highlighted in red means you can click through & obtain these ingredients on the MORE2U website)

5 C washed roughly chopped in season organic vegetables

5 C filtered water or combo of water & organic vegetable stock/bone broth (recipe here for basic bone broth)

¼ C Organic Apple Cider Vinegar or fresh organic lime/lemon juice

1 C organic coconut milk or cream

2 TBSP Blue Coconut Coconut Cooking Oil or Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil

½ organic onion

1 clove organic garlic

1 whole fresh chilli (optional) or 1/2 tsp organic dried chilli flakes or powder

1 tsp organic ground cumin

1 tsp organic ground pepper

Himalayan Salt to suit your tastes 



As mentioned above this soup is simply made by throwing all ingredients into your powerful blender as Kelly does with her Optimum 9400 Blender. You are only limited by the seasonal organic produce you have available (keep checking the MORE2U fresh produce tab weekly for freshly organic produce available) & your imagination.

Always make sure that the liquids (water/stock/broth) are covering the blades so that when you start blending it is easier for the blades to work at full capacity.  As mentioned above it really is up to you whether you want to keep the soup slightly chunky or completely smooth, whether you want to keep it raw under 47 degrees or whether you want to keep blending until it is piping hot straight from you blender jug.  You will need to keep an eye on things so you can not just leave it & walk away for safety reasons.

If you prefer to just throw ingredients in & be able to walk away I thoroughly recommend the Optimum Thermocook 20 in 1 Multicook Appliance which I love using the various functions including a Quick Soup Function so you can do just that - walk away & come back in 20 minutes for a Quick Soup or use the other Soup Function for a longer slow cooked hearty version.

Enjoy nourishing your family with organic wholefoods daily :)