Avocado Alfredo GF Low Carb Pasta

Traditionally your basic carb loaded Italian Alfredo Fettucine Pasta uses butter & parmesan cheese to create the creamy flavours as the parmesan melts & creates a creamy cheese sauce BUT this Avocado Alfredo GF Pasta dish will not disappoint even the most patriotic Italian Pasta lover.

Using the low carb, high protein & high fibre Gluten Free Bean Pastas now on offering at MORE2U(some as low as 15g total carbs per 50g serve, 4g from sugars), coconut oil(or organic cultured butter if not dairy free) & avocado to create the creaminess & NZ Tasty Hemp Seed Oil to give you the 'cheesy parmesan' hit that any low carb, Paleo & Gluten Free conscious consumer will be more than satisfied with this comforting & clean pasta offering.  

Serves 6 x entree portions or 4 x main adult portions.  Remember all the red links show the ingredients you can get right here on the MORE2U website so simply click on the links & add to your cart so your all ready to whip this up for your family in less than 15 minutes. Eat your heart out Jamie Oliver!



1 x 200g Packet of Explore Asian Bean Pasta (4 to choose from on MORE2U website)

2 TBSP Himalayan Salt (for pasta water)

4 TBSP Blue Coconut Cooking Oil (or 4 TBSP Karikaas Cultured Butter if not Dairy Free)

1 Large Brown Onion or 2 Shallots or 1 small Leek (sliced, diced & washed)

3 large cloves Garlic (finely diced or 3 TBSP freshly minced)

1 TBSP Bragg Organic Kelp Seasoning

1 TBSP Organic Italian Herb Blend Seasoning

50g or 8 Ceres Organic Sundried Tomatoes (finely diced)

Flesh 2 Large Organic Avocados

200ml Ceres Organic Coconut Milk

1 TBSP Organic Dijon Mustard

2 TBSP NZ Tasty Hemp Seed Oil

2 Spray Free Lemons Skin & Juice (washed & ends cut off)

1 large bunch washed spray free Italian herbs (I used basil mint & parsley in winter but choose what you have)

Himalayan Salt & Organic Black Pepper to season

Fresh washed & roughly torn spinach or kale(destemmed) or other fresh green leafy vegetable for extra green value




Enjoy this dish as a quick Saturday lunch or Sunday supper in a peaceful setting enjoying & savouring every mouthful!  We like to add a bunch of mixed green sprouts that we grow at home for extra phytonutrients & enzymes.