Monica Topliss GF Flour Blend

Monica Topliss is Australia's leading Gluten Free Chef & she has perfected the art of making Gluten Free products that taste better than the gluten & wheat containing counterparts.  She says in her book(as per photo) that most commercial GF flours are full of starches(making them low in fibre & protein), too high in Tapioca or Arrowroot(making cakes & baking rubbery) or too high in rice flour which leads to dryness.

Each flour variety holds certain characteristics & she has spent many years experimenting with different blends as a top chef & documenting her results in making breads, cakes, pastries, pies, biscuits, slices, tarts & so many more goodies that usually when you hear or buy premade & processed Gluten Free versions of these are usually not that appealing in taste or texture.  

The recipe below is her special blend MGF(Monica's Gluten Free) that is used in her recipe books.  The Quinoa flour contributes to the protein but you could also substitute Besan or Millet Flour & the Brown Rice Flour adds fibre & you can use Maize Starch flour if you don't have Potato Starch.


Monica's Gluten Free Flour Blend


120g Quinoa Flour (alternatively Millet or Besan Flour)

200g Tapioca Flour

340g Brown Rice Flour

340g Potato Starch(alternatively Maize(corn) Flour))

The above Organic Flours can be found on the MORE2U website as per the blue links so simply click on the links & add to your cart to start making great Gluten Free Recipes today with Monica's Gluten Free Flour Blend.  Check out Monica's FB page for recipes & links to purchase her recipe books.