Choc Avocado Booch Mousse

Combining the healthy plant fats & fibre of organic avocados, the gut loving goodness of coffee kombucha & raw organic cacao(swap for carob if cacao not for you) to produce this creamy decadent goodness.

Great as a mousse layer in a celebration dessert(as per photo) or freeze in compostable cups to make a quick easy frozen dessert which you can grab out of freezer, top with coconut yoghurt & frozen organic blackcurrants & enjoy as a healthy treat.  

Covers all the options for keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, raw & healthy living.  Great way to get all your healthy daily fats. Grab all the ingredients in RED online right here at  


Choc Avocado Booch Mousse

Serves 6 (approx. 150ml Cup Size)

Prep Time: 2 minutes in Optimum Blender or NEW Optimum Thermocook

Chill Time: 1 hour in fridge to set or freeze to keep for constant supply



4-6 Med-Lge Ripe Organic Avocados

1 bottle of Good Buzz Coffee Booch(could use other Good Buzz booch flavours if you prefer)

3/4 cup Life Foods Raw Organic Cacao Powder or Carob Powder if you prefer

1/2 tsp Heilala Vanilla bean Powder or extract

pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt

80g Life Foods Raw Organic Cacao Butter (melted gently) 

80g Blue Coconut Wild Organic Coldpressed Coconut Oil(melted gently)

Sweetener of choice if necessary use Organic Raw Coconut Water Powder, Maple syrup, Coconut necter or if keto I use organic natural stevia powder



Optional Toppings: frozen viberi organic blackcurrants or other frozen berries, Cathedral Cove Coconut Yoghurt (plain or cacao), raw coconut shredded or chipsLife Foods Raw Cacao Nibs, Goji Berries, Choc coated Nibs, Choc coated Golden Berries or Whole Cacao Beans



1.  In a powerful blender or thermocook like the Optimum Range which I use for everything daily, blend the scooped out avocado flesh, coffee booch(liquid), cacao powder,vanilla bean powder or extract and a pinch of sea salt until smooth & well blended using the tamper if using optimum blender & once stop blending scrape down sides & reblend until smooth.  

2.  Gently melt your cacao butter/coconut oil over low heat or double boiler & while blender is on pour into mousse mix & blend until well combined & no oily residue on top of mousse mixture. 

3. Taste & decide if you personally need to sweeten with your sweetener of choice remembering that if your sticking to a ketogenic lifestyle you will want to use the lowest carb sweetener as possible hence why I would use the stevia but totally your choice here.  Sweeten to taste & blend thoroughly.  Refrigerate to cool & set or pop in single portion cups & freeze for quick easy dessert.

Serve with your choice of toppings like those listed above & enjoy!