Raw Kaos Coconut Ice

So my hubby Aaron sells (HERE) an amazing healthy alternative energy drink(KAOS Gold) with zero sugar or fructose (uses erythritol which is a safe alternative natural sweetener which won't store in your body or affect your gut microbiology)  He is always looking for me to find ways to put it in my raw recipes as he loves the pineapple tropical taste so I decided to make a RAW COCONUT ICE SLICE(also could be bliss balls or truffles too) with one of  the secret ingredients being the KAOS gold(natural pineapple flavour) in powder form & wow what a hit at the last dance party we went too for taste & healthy sustained sugar free energy.  

They taste like tropical white chocolates.  So great to make into truffles too as gifts.  Scroll down for the recipe below & all whipped up my Optimum 9400 Blender in less than 30 seconds.  

So if you want to make these delicious healthy energy sugar free treats get the other ingredients here under the MORE2U WHOLEFOOD TAB  & contact my hubby Aaron through  https://looking4kaos.com or aaron@looking4kaos.com or 0272289607 to get your KAOS gold to really make this raw coconut tropical treat really pop for you.  

The KAOS GOLD also makes a beautiful tropical sugar free sustained energy drink mixed with organic coconut water, ice & blended in your powerful Optimum 9400 blender (some add vodka or white rum for a celebration occassion) or also try it in your natural frozen banana icecream(recipe to follow).  It's a great way to get extra B Vitamins, herbs & clean sugar & fructose free energy for the sometimes stressful holiday season or just to get through your work, sports or just plain busy schedule. 


Raw KAOS Coconut Ice or Tropical Energy Truffles


2 Cups Organic Dessicated Coconut

1 1/2 C Ground Almonds or Almond Meal/Flour

1 tsp Heilala Pure Vanilla Paste

1/2 C Blue Coconut Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil(gently melted)

1 sachet KAOS GOLD

2 TBSP GMO Free Hemp Protein Powder

Extra Organic Dessicated Coconut if rolling into truffles or balls



Throw all the ingredients into your Optimum 9400 Blender (on special now for all your raw & wholefood recipes like mine & Dr Libby's) & blend until well combined & turns into creamy paste.  It only takes me less than 30 seconds to do this in my blender but if you don't have as powerful a blender or food processor it could take longer.  Scrape down sides if need to ensure all well combined.  

Pour into tray if making coconut slice & leave to set in fridge for few hours or freezer for half hour.  If want to roll into truffles just pop in fridge until mix hardens up so you can roll into balls(use extra dessicated coconut to roll in if  you want) & reset in fridge.  

Alternatively if you wanted to have the traditional coconut ice pink layered look I would take half the mixture out of the blender spread in your tray, pop into fridge to set & then add a couple of  tablespoons of freshly cold pressed beetroot juice (Optimum 400 or 600 juicers work well if you need a good slow cold pressed juicer which also do frozen desserts & icecreams) to the remaining mix in blender & blend for couple of seconds & pour out onto set white layer.  

No one will ever no this is so good for them & completely sugar & fructose free along with WOW energy so you can ditch those unhealthy, sugar laden, toxic canned energy drinks & also make yummy healthy treats as well.